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City of Concord, NC

Planning Department
City of Concord
35 Cabarrus Ave W
Concord, NC 28025


Registration for a Temporary Sign (Concord, North Carolina)

Concord, North Carolina --- The City's zoning ordinance (the Concord Development Ordinance) requires that Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4 temporary signs be registered.  Also, temporary wall signs must be registered.  The registration is easy and there is no fee.  Simply fill out the information below and click the submit button.  Type 1 temporary signs do not need to be registered, but please review the information concerning Type 1 signs to learn more about the size requirements, quantity, and height.

1. Review and Select the Type of Temporary Sign

Review the images below and select the type of temporary sign in the checkbox section below.

Type 1
Click for more information (sizes, heights, dimensions, time frame):
The links below will open up as a new tab or window in your web browser.
Type 1 - Temporary Yard Signs
Type 2 - Banner Signs
Type 3 - Development Activity Signs
Type 4 - A-frame or Sandwich Board Signs
Temporary Wall Signs
Entire Sign Standards (pdf file)

Please indicate the type of temporary sign to be registered in Concord, North Carolina.

2. Applicant Information


Date when the sign will first be displayed

Date Picker

Mailing Address of Applicant

3. Sign Location

Address Where Sign Will Be Located

4. Finish

Optional: Upload picture, drawing, or other file(s) pertaining to this sign.

Click Here to Upload

Please check below indicating you wish to register the temporary sign in accordance with the ordinance. Then, click Submit at the bottom of this page.

Registration Receipt (no fees are due)

You will be provided with a Registration Receipt (no fees are due) upon submission.